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Engineers and Providers of Air Handling, Solids Handling and Air Pollution Control Solutions.

We are a technically oriented manufacturer's representative/distributor specializing in equipment for general industry and petrochemical, wastewater, power, refining, cement, paper, plastics and carbon black fields.  We headquarter our own 3000 square foot office building, centrally located near the airport and interstate in western New Orleans. Our guiding principle is that we are in business to furnish solution to problems involving air moving, air and water pollution control, and material handling. We guarantee completely those solutions.


From our beginnings in 1947, we have provided a breadth of pollution abatement technologies to many industries. Our solutions range from a complete waste incinerator at a chemical plant, to acid gas scrubbers at refineries, to baghouses for particulate removal and product recovery in carbon black, to oxidizers for hazardous air pollutants at shipyards. The result is hundreds of installations encompassing a wide range of applications and technology solutions. This experience provides Erichson with the confidence to assess and resolve most air pollution issues. There is hardly an emission process we haven't successfully resolved. 


Our staff consists of experienced and degreed engineers. We offer a full range of industrial air handling equipment including centrifugal fans and blowers, axial fans, multistage compressors and positive displacement blowers. Applications include air and material handling, air cleaning, ventilation, cooling, heating, combustion, air supply, wastewater aeration, slurry aeration, filtration and drying systems, fume hoods, spray paint booths and exhaust systems. Special materials, construction, coatings and accessories are available to fit any application requirements. We also specialize in complete industrial ventilation design for process areas, warehouses, paint buildings, metal working, blasting and more.









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